Audacious Audacity

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More Classroom Ideas for Audacity

On her site Tip of the Iceberg, Keri-Lee Beasley offers 10 great ways to use Audacity with your students

new audacity

Has anyone seen audacity used in the classroom?

Or can you think of other ways these types of audio tools could be effectively incorporated into student work.

2 thoughts on “Audacious Audacity

  1. teachingroundabout

    Hey thats awesome. I am a secondary teacher and I have used audacity in the schools ‘radio’ program where students create podcasts and post them online for other students to hear. It is particularly good for older students in film making and also it allows drama students to create tracks for their productions and solo performances much easier.

  2. jlarter

    Post author

    Audacity was a lot of fun to use and it is easy to see its many applications in the classroom. How great that your students are making podcasts to share with others. As with many Web tools this authentic knowledge production and sharing of information with peers seems to be the important factor in students engagement, learning and sense of achievement. It really is limitless isn’t it!!


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